The Mitchell Men aka The Six

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Our Story

"Take the average mind and expand it." - Mitchell Men motto

The Mitchell Men are the sons of Edward and Mattie Mitchell of Wadmalaw Island, SC. These 6 boys shared one room for most of their lives which forged an indescribable bond. This bond would lead them to follow similar paths when it came down to schools attended, professions selected, businesses started, and even fraternities joined. This bond was fortified by a combination of powerful philosophies taught by their parents. The brand incorporates aspects of Gullah Geechee spirituality as well as aspects of Gullah Geechee folklore and mysticism. The brand's logo is the Palmetto Rose which is a symbol of love and protection in the Gullah Geechee community. The brand's first collection "The Blood Moon Collection" which focused on one of the signs of redemption (The Blood Moon) for the Gullah Geechee people has since sold out. The brand now presents the Haint Blue Collection, which is a color found all through Gullah Geechee communities but its meaning has been diluted by mainstream aesthetics. The Haint Blue Collection is the reclamation of "haint" as a word only found in Gullah and the collection serves as a means of spiritual protection for everyone who adorns the pieces.

The Mother of SweetGrass Clothing

Meet the Mother of SweetGrass Clothing and the inspiration behind the Vesey Insurrection Jacket Design.⠀ ⠀ Her name is Mattie Mitchell, mother to the 6 Mitchell Men. She taught elementary for 40 years at same same school she attended as a little girl (Frierson Elementary). To make extra money, she was a seamstress. This skill led her to create a sewing club at Frierson. This sewing club had an annual fashion show that we participated in. Aside from teaching/sewing, she hosted a yearly Black History Bowl in March and a Kwanzaa celebration after Christmas. This is the person who introduced us to the Denmark Vesey story. This is the person who taught us our history. This is our inspiration! She deserves her flowers! 

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Brief History of SweetGrass Clothing Co.

If you're interested to know more about our brand, please watch this short video explaining how we got started.  Thank You! 

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