Meet The Founders

The Mitchell Men aka The Six. Products of 6 in 1 (6 beds in 1 room). Between them are 6 Bachelor’s degrees, 5 Businesses, 4 Master’s degrees, 3 HBCU’s, 2 Doctorates, and 1 Mission: “Take the average mind and expand it." Our mother taught us how to think and our father taught us how to be men. Our logo is the Palmetto Rose, legend tells us that it was given to soldiers before they went to war to let the enemy know they are both loved and protected. Those who adorn SweetGrass Clothing are telling the world that, "I am LOVED and PROTECTED!" We took the lessons we were taught and concentrated them into multiple companies to service the community that protected us. We are you and you are us, so when you say you’re proud of us, we tell you to “Be Proud!” because you’re a reflection of us. We would not exist had it not been for our people. Thank you for supporting SweetGrass Clothing Company. - The Mitchell Men