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How can you maintain the quality of your letterman jacket? - SweetGrass Clothing Company

How can you maintain the quality of your letterman jacket?

A letterman jacket or varsity jacket is a crucial outfit that you simply must always confine physical fitness. However, letterman jackets need some special additional care—unlike most of the outfits in your wardrobe. to begin with, your letterman jacket can go with special directions on a way to look out of it depending on its material. These directions ought to assist you to induce started. 

Inspect your jacket

This is the primary step towards ensuring that your jacket is in exceedingly physical fitness. Inspecting your letterman jacket frequently helps you to understand whether or not your varsity jacket needs special attention. As the letterman jacket ages, the materials become brittle, it may depend upon however you store the jacket. 

Just like images and paper, animal skin and materials will fade and deteriorate thanks to the constant exposure to daylight. Besides, your letterman jacket is liable to injury at the fold lines and seams. If you tend at hand your jacket on a hanger oftentimes, the shoulder seams will become loose. 

Clean your jacket

Unlike the opposite outfits in your closet, letterman jackets need specialized improvement. First, you ought to never wash your jacket as you’d your traditional garments. Besides, you ought to avoid employing an animal skin conditioner once improvement your jacket. 

The following are necessary tips to follow once improving your varsity jacket:

Cleaning of letterman jacket

  • Use a light water and soap resolution to identify clean the jacket, if the material is dirty, dab it down exploitation delicate water and soap resolution. Dip a clean fabric within the resolution, squeeze the surplus water out, and dab the fabric on the letterman jacket. Avoid rubbing the jacket, as you risk going ugly marks. All you would like to try is to dab to avoid obtaining excess water on the varsity jacket. You’ll suspend your jacket to dry once improvement it. 
  • Use alcohol to scrub tiny stains, just in case you have got tiny stains, like pen marks on your jacket, use alcohol to scrub. You’ll use a cotton swab or fabric to use the alcohol. Once done, use a hairdryer to dry the jacket, make certain the drier is in an exceedingly low-heat setting. 
  • Remove oil stains exploitation starch, this ensures that your vinyl/leather jacket doesn’t absorb the oil stains. So, you ought to sprinkle some starch before long as you notice the spill. Enable it to take a seat for around five minutes before removing it. Also, you’ll use the starch on recent oil stains but you may get to rub it along with your fingers to get rid of the oil. 

Removing stains on wool letterman jackets

Start by engrossing the spill, once liquid spills on your wool letterman jacket, attempt to absorb most of the liquid with a clean fabric initial. Continue dabbing the jacket till you take away most of the liquid. 

Remove oil-based stains with mineral spirits, just in case your jacket gets grease, sauce, or oil stains, use a table knife initial to get rid of the grease. Then, blot the stains exploitation mineral spirits and lint-free fabric.

Remove black occasional stains employing a vinegar and alcohol resolution, just in case your letterman jacket gets occasional stains, dip a lint-free fabric in an alcohol and vinegar resolution, and so dab the stain exploitation the fabric to moisten it. Then, press a clean fabric against the stain to get rid of it. This technique conjointly applies to chocolate, tea, or occasional spills too. 

Storing your letterman jacket

Never store your letterman jacket within the basement, garage, or attic space. Rather, you ought to keep it in an exceedingly dark closet, with sensible ventilation. You’ll either suspend your jacket or store it in an exceeding drawer or an outsized storage box. Use acid-free tissue to pad the sleeves, and prepare them in an exceedingly manner that stops folds and creases. Invariably examine your jacket frequently to examine for the signs of injury indicated higher than. 

Ironing your letterman jacket

Whenever potential, avoid ironing your letterman jackets. once you take it out of storage, enable it to hold for a few times. And if it still has creases and wrinkles, take away them with an iron on a cool setting. Once ironing the jacket, place it on a clean, flat surface (preferably ironing board). Next, place a pillow slip or sheet over the jacket before you begin the ironing method. If potential, use iron for the simplest results.